ACADEMIC Staff Union of Universities (ASUU), has labelled University of Ilorin as a “terrorist” organization over the purported sack of its branch chairman, Dr. Kayode Afolayan for whistle-blowing corrupt activities of the outgoing Vice Chancellor of the institution, Professor Abdulganiyu Ambali.

ASUU noted that suppressing genuine whistle blowers who provided evidences through threat of sack is against the avowed commitment of the Buhari administration to fighting corruption. They called on President Muhammadu Buhari to show genuine interest in the corruption going on at University of Ilorin and victimisation of citizens committed to fighting corruption.

It also condemns the connivance of institutions of government such as the EFCC, ICPC and Federal Ministry of Education who it alleged have turned deaf ears to the petition written against UNILORIN outgoing Vice Chancellor Professor Abdulganiyu Amballi over smuggling his wife into the institution and promoting her to the rank of senior lecturer against the constitution of the university and other odious corruption since it submitted petition to them since 2016.

ASUU in a press release signed by Zonal Coordinator of Ibadan Zone, Dr. Ade Adejumo and Chairman, University of Ibadan Chapter, Dr. Deji Omole a copy which was made available to THE NIGERIA STANDARD in Ibadan condemned the purported sack of the ASUU chairperson of UNILORIN, Dr K.N Afolayan for whistle blowing about the corruption going on in the university.

The duo noted that it was height of impunity to sack a person whose sin is  exposing the ills in the university. While calling on the Minister of Education Adamu Adamu to wade into the crisis before it balloons into the 2001 sack of 49 lecturers in the university, ASUU vows to resist this unlawful termination of appointment of its chairperson.

 ”The outgoing Vice-all these to an unprecedented height when in 2015, he smuggled his wife, Dr. (Mrs) Taiwo Toyin Ambali, into the University through the temporary appointment route as Lecturer 1. By 2016, less than one year later, she had been promoted to the rank of Senior Lecturer, when the regulation specifies at least three years before such a promotion could take place. Our branch Chairperson, Dr Kayode Afolayan, on behalf of the union, signed a letter addressed to the Council to look into the infringement against the university rules and regulations committed by Prof Ambali.

“However, rather than retrace his steps, the out going Vice Chancellor issued a query to the branch Chairperson, Dr. Kayode Afolayan, alleging that they circulated an unspecified “leaflet” against the Vice-Chancellor. The union promptly alerted members of the public to the evil plans of Prof Ambali to sack our officers in UNILORIN.

“The university has devised all means to suppress legitimate industrial activities in order to avoid exposure of its misdeeds. Indeed, the University prides itself in its ability to “kill off” staff and students that are connected in any way to ASUU leadership. This hate crime on the part of the university is usually carried out under the guise of “uninterrupted academic calendar”. Yet, many universities have also maintained a stable academic calendar without destroying union members or their careers. To all intents and purposes, UNILORIN has become a terrorist organization as far as industrial relation is concerned. Equally worrisome is the seeming connivance of relevant authorities with UNILORIN in its dastardly pursuit. For example, our union, since December 2016, had submitted petitions to the EFCC, ICPC and the CCB but uptil now results of “ongoing investigations” have not been made known to the public. Our union also wrote petitions to the Ministry of Education and the Visitor to the School but no concrete step has been taken. The silence by these relevant agencies and authorities casts serious doubt on the commitment of government in the anti-graft war especially in the University of Ilorin where there are glaring manifestations of corruption. This has emboldened UNILORIN to embark on the victimization of the whistle blowers in the University”.

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