By Hosea Nyamlong


Chairman Management Committee of Barkin  Ladi Local Government Area of Plateau State  Barr Ezekiel Mangyau has disclosed that about 400 violators of the state lockdown order have been prosecuted in the area.

Speaking  on a current affairs radio programme, ” Good Morning Plateau” on the stable of the Plateau Radio Television station, (PRTV), the chairman explained that any individual apprehended contravening the lockdown order will have himself to blame.

Mangyau explained that in his effort to curb the spread of covid -19 within the local government council and beyond,  he  set up  an enlightenment committee which included members of  (CAN)and (JNL)to further sensitize the rural populace.

He  maintain that, strict measures have been put in place  to track down people who  would want to come into the local government area during the lockdown.

The chairman explained that his council has also strategically ensured that the poorest of the poor continue to benefit from the distribution of  palliatives in the area.

On the issue of ensuring the actualization of food security after the pandemic, he noted that special focus has been given  to the agricultural sector to boost food production in the area.

He then urged all citizens of the state to exhibit high sense of maturity and understanding to enable the state government overcome this disease ravaging the nation.