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A Non Governmental Organization, Suicide Is No Solution,  (SINS) has commenced an anti suicide campaign comprising a series of advocacy activities, interactive events and counselling support towards abating  the increasing tide of deaths by suicide amongst Nigerians.

The group said, a team of mental health practitioners, religious leaders, social workers and volunteers have joined hands to support the cause in order to achieve its set objective.

Project Lead of SINS, Mrs. Idy Toye – Arulogun stated that the organization is a coordinated response to the increasing  rate of deaths by suicide among youths  in Nigeria.

She noted that professionals would be providing support to would be victims with a view to dissuading them from committing suicide.

Toye-Arulogun in a statement made available to The Nigeria Standard by Babatunde Muraina, Media Lead, Suicide Is No Solution (SINS) in Ibadan the Oyo State capital pointed out that the key task of  SINS campaign is towards significant reduction in the rate of deaths by suicide in Nigeria through a strong public enlightenment and advocacy campaign that dissuades people from killing themselves.

She noted that with one person in the world dying by suicide every forty seconds and Nigeria’s 15th position in the world suicide ranking, there is a strong need to intensify the campaign against suicide especially giving the psychological effects of the Covid – 19 global pandemic.

Arulogun revealed that SINS campaign encompasses multi media communication messages for exposure in both traditional and new media platforms, a helpline and a back end professional counselling support structure to engage members of the public going through distress and depression.

She stressed that the group is optimistic that SINS intervention will contribute to the mental well being of Nigerians and ultimately the reduction of deaths by suicide through various engagements.


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