THE beauty of having a peaceful marriage comes from within you. Your desires  comes into manifestation. A human being is characterized by what he or she thinks by outward expression. The desire of everyone young or old is to achieve peace that brings happiness.

Marriage is a beautiful gift to mankind. Is a relationship that helps you discover a unique dimension of self. It takes you through the path of discovering new shores in life and creating utmost fulfillment in life that brings joy. Everyone wants a happy and fulfilled home. A home you make a haven of rest when you retire  daily, not a place you dread and want to stay away from if you can.

Sharing your life with another person is not an easy task but a challenge with the ultimate aim of making it work out. For a marriage to attain peace and a home filled with love it takes sacrifice. The sacrifice of love, commitment and respect for each other. Respect and love does not just happen, it requires absolute team work.

Both must be willing to make it work out. Is not all about one person giving or putting in more for the marriage to be successful. It is a “give and take” thing. You can’t be all taking and not giving. This can be achieved by taking the little things we ignore into cognizance before it becomes chaotic.

Having a peaceful marriage can be achieved if you choose to by putting down self ego and getting ready to to make it work. Things that can give you peace and love on your marriage are actually the minute things we over look that turn out to be our best bet in achieving the goal of peace. These tips will help you achieve the vision of peace and harmony in your home.

. One basic need of a healthy marriage is communication. As simple as communication sounds, it has destroyed a lot of homes. Communication is key. Let you spouse know your need, your shorthcomings, your desires. Talk about everything. Relate to each other freely without fears or worries that you will offend each other in the process. Being respectful and honest in things you do or say to each other even as it concerns your finances should be discussed Keeping secrets are spend time poisonous to your relationship. Keeps honest doors of communication open by being also a good listener. Do not ignore your spouse when having a discussion. Be attentive to create better understanding.

. Most marriages have been affected by lack of showing  gratitutde. Hearn to appreciate your spouse all the time . Appreciate the show of love to your spouse. Express gratitude in the little things he or she does. Don’t make it look like is a right. Remember every show of love is a privillage. A simple “thank you love” sure does a lot of magic in marriage.

. You can’t keep arguments away in marriage. So its normal to disagree and create    room for agreement.

It is called “getting to know each other better”. Disagreements actually creates a bond of unity if we create room to understand each other and not allow our ego take over and hinder peace. Strive towards fostering unity that brings happiness.

. Outings are great for every marriage. Taking time to catch fun outside the home is paramount. Eating out, going for movies, visiting amusement parks, picnic etc.

Also create space for yourselves to enable you spend time with your friends separately; marriage is not just the two of you. Your Good friends around you bring sunshine and fun. So don’t frustrate your spouse if he or she needs time to spend with friends too. It will help you appreciate each other if you share other people’s experiences.

. Quarrels are bound to happen in every relationship and tend to hurt our feelings. The ability to make room for reconciliation and forgiveness is paramount.  Talk about it and learn to forgive and let go. Don’t bring it up again.

. One thing that is so important in marriage is “trust” John Crottam a marriage therapist said “criticism, contempt defensiveness and stone walling are serious threats to a marriage”

When you trust your spouse all these should not be found in your relationship because they are factors that destroy any marriage and take away its peace. The word of an outsider should not supersede your spouse’s. Conflicts are natural to any couple but a good marriage is cultivated through prayers. Learn to persevere so you reap the good that comes with it.

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