Clear Vision Production,  an organization which is into several fun fair and youth empowerment programmes  is gradually becoming a household name that is attracting the attention of very many youths who are aspiring to discover their potentials and how far it can take them. JENNIFER YARIMA writes


The organisation got started with the intention of grooming younger people irrespective of their sex and age bracket  towards harnessing talents and gifts through music and entrepreneurship.

This dream was nurtured to what it is today by John Wokrit Dudaba, a youth from Kanke LGA of Plateau State. H e is a graduate of Public Administration from University of Jos.

As far back as 2001,  his interest in music was discovered which today remains a powerful tool that connects him with many personalities. Wokrit has been in the music industry for over two decades which has afforded him the opportunity to have written songs for a number of artistes. He is today a renown drummer and guitarist. He has found himself showcasing the packages he has to the wider public so as to add value to the society.

Sometimes back, Nassarawa  Gwong axis and its environ witnessed a wind of change. Clear Vision Production carefully followed it’s trend of events towards contributing its quota by supporting the peace efforts of the government in some highly volatile areas that had been in crisis for quite some time particularly at festive seasons. This is to consolidate on the peace structure put on ground by the Plateau State government.

Clear Vision Production  came up with the idea of Christmas funfair package around some communities within Jos metropolis in Jos- North LGA of Plateau State. Its package also includes  awareness campaign to schools and communities against substance abuse that is deteriorating the health status of many young people through illicit consumption which killed alot in their prime.

The adopted method to woo young people is quite strategic and of course engaging as they are the target for transformation. The wisdom in his approach is the fact that his package is accompanied by music (gospel) and drama which captures and attracts attention of today’s youth. This, the organization does after carefully identifying communities that need to be salvaged from crime related issues.

As a way of disengaging them from some of these vices and to change their orientation, they need to be positively engaged  and encouraged to explore what they have inwardly. It is so interesting to note that as the  festive season is gradually approaching, a lot of them are rehearsing and deliberately coming up with innovations on how their impact can be felt as individuals or a group with a shared idea and a common vision.

Two years back, according to the missioner, Wokrit John, Clear Vision Production provided a platform for talents hunt during Christmas funfair. Different gospel artistes, choreographers, spoken words and other form of attractions were showcased. To boost their moral, they were being assessed and given certificates of participation to all who registered and participated. Of course, winners were rewarded and outstanding performances. There are lots of attractions like the popular ‘Father Christmas’, bouncing castle, horse riding, different games to keep mostly the children busy.

To better coordinate the activities of this outfit, the centre was recently commissioned  for legal transactions into the hands of God at No5 Angwan Rukuba new road, adjacent  Uja Anaguta’s Palace Jos. This was done by Rev Damina Jerry of ECWA Good News Church, Nassarawa Gwong Jos, alongside the Associate Rev. of COCIN Church Nassarawa Gwong, Jos, Rev Musa Hassan, who is one of the patrons of Clear Vision Production in the presence of many well wishers who came to celebrate the growth of the business at this level.

This is with the hope of engaging in other businesses like typing and printing, photocopying, spiral binding, hiring of all kinds of musical instruments, POS, animal feed, writing materials for school children, snacks, etc. Hopefully, this would afford the young people opportunities to be engaged in trainings and also offer them job opportunities and connect some to appropriate places where there are openings.

Mr. Wokrit strongly advised that young people should not hold onto their degree certificates alone, but explore other ways of enriching themselves particularly at this hard times that the Corona virus pandemic has adverse effect on the global economy. “ Degree certificate will not put food on your table. If you want to be successful in life start thinking of ways to improve yourselves. Remember, that your hard work will surely pay one day.”

In as much as government has responsibilities over its citizens, over reliance on it to meet every need is not reasonable enough in a situation where there are better opportunities than the white colar jobs that people can harness. The alternative  to joblessness is entrepreneurship that allows people to engage in small scale businesses of their choice.

In answer to the question if there is hope for small scale businesses, John  Wokrit opined that there is greater prospect for small scale businesses provided they get a boost from the government in form of interest free loans or minimal percentage being charged.  ‘ “Government actually neglected small scale businesses several years ago forgetting that it can be a measure to curb the rising rate of unemployment”. This if done will be a milestone in the business industry that would drive Nigeria’s economic growth to the next level.

With a resounding voice he strongly encouraged young graduates  to have the option of venturing into poultry farming, fish farming, mobile phone repairs, dry cleaning, trash gathering, which are cost effective. Advising further before one starts off, there is the need to set your goal and secure small capital to kick start through hard work and you should love what you venture into. Surrounding oneself with great minds, working with champions obviously changes your perspective to the succeeding path even as a young person, Wokrit said.

When God gives you a vision, he would give you ways to accomplish the vision. The young gentleman hopes to reach the top in spite of the hitches that might stand on the way.  He is married to Evelyn and are blessed with two children namely; Beji and Nen.


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