PLATEAU the beautiful is best described as the ‘Home of Peace and Tourism’ with its natural formation of rocks, hills and waterfalls. The beauty of Jos city is best described by it’s clement and favourable weather with its beautiful sceneries and rich cultural and historic heritage.

The Jos Main Market, one of the pride and heritage of Plateau was known to be one of the largest indoor markets in West Africa. It was an ultra modern market located in the heart of Jos, the Plateau State capital. Known also as the Jos Terminus Market, it became one of the famous markets that was patronized by other neighbouring states like Benue, Nasarawa and Bauchi, etc. However, it was gutted by fire in 2002 by unknown persons and later attacked with a twin bomb blast in 2014.

Efforts by past administrators to rebuild the market have proved difficult. The market is presently in a dilapidated state which has displaced business men and women who suffer the loss most.

Oh Jos, the home of peace and tourism had one of the most beautiful markets, the pride of Plateau capital city which was lost. Oh man! The glory of the state has been taken away by some mischief makers.

We are all suffering from the loss of this lost glory. The Jos City as its is popularly called by youth, when will it ever be reversed back? Since we lost the glory of the state, past administrators tried but little effort is being put in place to rebuild the glory.

Terminus, the heart of Jos town was also beautified by the famous statue of a typical market woman with heavy load on her head and a baby on her back selling her business products.

The statue which was well situated at the Terminus roundabout was built by governor Fidelis Tapgun; and was popularly referred to as Mama Tapgun roundabout. The statue of Mama Tapgun was pulled down and demolished by the government of Jonah Jang. And since then, another replacement of the statue was not made.

This was when Jos was ‘J’ Town when the Main Market and the statue of Mama Tapgun attracted tourists whenever they came visiting. It was an attractive sight with crowded environment that depicted why the statue was located there.

Baba Jang, why did you remove this statue when you know you would not create or replace it with another one? Even though it was alleged that spirits used the statue at that time as their meeting place. But the question is, did the statue stop the market activities from flowing?

Plateau, the beautiful, our heritage and our pride, home that produced Irish potatoes in large qualities. I remember the famous Potatoes Market at the rear end of the Jos Main Market along Gangare road where potatoes used to be off loaded in large quantities.

Aside Irish potatoes, Jos city also produces vegetables in large quantities. It served as a hub for providing varieties of vegetables of international nature. No wonder markets like Farin Gada, Building Materials have made many millionaire of some business men contractors through which neighboring states buy in large quantities too.

I remember the popular joints where people used to go and relax after a hard day’s work, winning and dinning with friends. Days when the market street of Mama Tapgun roundabout used to flourish in the night as if it were day time. When 10pm used to be like 6pm at the market street of Jos Main Market area.

Those time when people that ran restaurant used to go to the night market by 7pm to shop for their food without any problem. That was when Jos was Jos, when Jos was good and peaceful with peaceful movements in the night without any insecurity fears.

Just when all of these were on, the issue of bomb blast at the Jos Main Market occurred then followed by the Jos crisis which disrupted the pride, the glory and peaceful co-existence of Plateau State.

Up till today, Jos is not the same as it used to be.  We have missed the social life of staying late night partying and or shopping late Night at Ahmadu Bello way. Only God will reverse back the life we enjoyed before.


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