Recently, Kaduna State has been in the news albeit a  very bad reason. The once peaceful state has literally become a theatre of war. Each passing day Nigerians, indeed, the world is inundated with sordid and bizarre news of killing of innocent people and destructions of properties worth millions of naira.

While such mayhem, or near genocide continues unabated and with security personnel clearly being overwhelmed, it has become a blamegame. It is simply out of sync that while scores of people are brutally being murdered, nobody wants to take responsibility of halting the barbarity.

At a recent Channels Television programme, Governor el-Rufai criticized Southern Kaduna leaders for being responsible for the killings as a ploy to force his government to appease them.

He also  declared that most of the leaders from that region lack any means of livelihood, are lazy hence, the resort to violence. He also alluded that the violence in the region escalated after his administration stopped the practice of “Peace Money”.

While one may not join issues with Governor el-Rufai, after all he is the governor of the state, the issue boiling every day with lives and property being lost. Nonetheless certain pertinent questions need to be asked: What effort(s) has el-Rufai made to curb the violence apart from declaring.

In the said Channels Television interview that, “I am using the security agencies to carefully map them  (trouble –shooters) and when we accumulate enough evidence, we will get them, put them before a judge. I have no time for nonsense. I will not appease criminals”.

With the benefit of hindsight on this type of crisis, it takes two to tango. And! think, dear Governor el-Rufai knows this too well except he wants to pretend or is suffering from what that writer and journalist Michael Paranti labels as suffering from “historical ignorance or intellectual arrogance”. It may be both!

Me think, when siblings  are having fist-fight, it behooves on the parents particularly the father to find an amicable way of settling the matter without being seen as taking side. But the utterance of the Governor has just shown to any discerning mind that the bias handling of the violence may have some iota of truth.

Reports have it that the Governor vowed to use security agencies to gather evidence against the leaders and charge them to court when investigations are concluded.

What are we really saying? Didn’t the Governor identify the leaders in question  during the Channels Television programme? It is the believe here that, leaders should continually mind their utterance to avert being misread or outrightly being misinterpreted.

Certainly, Southern Kaduna   or Kaduna State as a whole is not the only area that has witnessed this despicable act of violence. Other regions and states had their own unpalatable experience but they pulled out of it. Kaduna State cannot and should not be an exception. With genuine and concerted efforts on the side of government and an unwavering understanding from both sides of the divide, peace, unity and tranquility will be a done deal in Kaduna State.

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