A Legal Luminary and Constitutional Lawyer, Prof. Dakas CJ Dakas (SAN), has called on young Nigerians to not make politics a life long career but should have a back-up plan that would place them in better positions.

Dakas, a Former Dean Faculty of Law, University of Jos, made this call Saturday while delivering a paper titled; Nigerian Politics and the Battle of Youth Engagements; at the Plateau State chapter of National Association  of University Students (NAUS) 2020  summit in Jos.

Dakas said, “Many of our people who are desirous of calling themselves for service, grapple with great deal of challenges. Some of them do not have the financial strength, because our politics is becoming very extremely monetized.

“Many of them are not provided shoulders to lean on and do not have  mentors. Many of them grapple with the issue of godfathers and so, I think what is important for the youth is for them to rise above  all these circumstances.

“I am excited about those who dare to rise above their circumstances, who don’t live in a world of lamentation and as the saying goes, “your attitude determines your altitude”. So no matter the challenges you face as a young person, get   the right attitude, because that would ultimately determine your altitude”, he enthused.

According to the Senior Advocate of Nigeria (SAN), “I would like to urge our young people to galvanize themselves to have the rightful leaders in place. I also want to encourage our young people never to make politics a career, because if they make it a career, and they don’t have any  fallback plans, it will be a disaster.

Dakas encouraged young people in the country to step-out to run for public offices as young people who are focused  and are not desperate for just any position.


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